I called it blog, but I don't know yet what it is... Design, iOS development, methodology, personal point of view, you'll probably find all of these here.

From Sketch to Xcode and Android Studio

Spread the colors ❤️

Managing color schemes has always been difficult for me, even an overly organized guy. Everything has a dedicated place at home, my desk is always clean, my desktop is always em...

New website!

It's always difficult to know exactly what to do with a personal website. Should it be like an online resume, or as designer maybe just a portfolio, or just an old fashion blog?

I'm evolving, anothe...

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Le pire café de Paris

La vie de couple, ça te change un homme, mais surtout, ses habitudes. J'ai 40 ans maintenant et (de nouveau) une vie de couple depuis 7 ans. Depuis peu, j'ai eu mon quatrième enfant (une petite fille...

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