Hi, my name is Jeremie Berduck, and I'm Product Designer.

My clients call me the:

  • Product Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Mobile App Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Creative Director

Let's design your product!

"Product design" is both a verb and a process. To conceptualize your idea and turn it into a tangible product people will use effectively, we go on a journey through strategic activities of product design. Each step of the way, a key deliverable takes you to the next level of your product's design.

Because each project is unique, I work with you on the whole product design or on the specific activity that you need at the moment.

As a designer with more than 10 year of experience, it's part of my job to ensure a good communication between the project's team. I take into account their needs, from developers requirements to digital strategy and business needs.

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    As an introduction to our collaboration, I need to learn about you, about your idea and your goals. Your product needs to be simultaneously viable, feasible and desirable and during the kick-off we'll go through a high-level outline of your idea, how all the designers and the developers are going to work, with which process, who are they... It's a way to align our view, our purpose and to avoid ambiguity.

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    About them


    Who are your customers/users and did you already find them? Do you know where they are and how they'll interact with your product? Identifying these different personas is really important to know how the product has to interact with them.

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    The Product Story

    product story map

    The user journey is the starting point to create a product which is following customers expectations. This workshop is really important to define problems we want to solve. How customers are going to live with you?

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    Interaction Design


    We found the problem, now we have to find a way to resolve it. As a UX expert, I will propose several concepts to find a way to simplify your customers life.

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    Test the concept


    We have now to validate this concept with real users. It’s saving time and money and it’s helping to identify any fault and iterate the design to correct it. Any prototype will be animated and will match to the final product. It’ also good at this point to have few sessions with your development team. It’s saving lot of time and documentations after.

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    The visual design


    The visual design is the final stage for your product. How can we match your product with your brand? The initial prototype will be tested again with your users, to ensure than everything is still ok.

  • Working with Jérémie is great.
    He knows everything about UX and UI for mobile and his help has been more than precious when I was building our app, Linotte.
    He has a deep understanding and a great culture of the digital sector as well as for the user side as for the business side : that's why his advices are sharp and smart.
    Listening to him is the best you can do if you want to have an amazing app. Plus, he is also very pedagogue and always there if you need something.
    I strongly recommend him !

    Marie-Amélie Frere - Product Management | Marketing & Communications for Mobile & Startups

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My Work

I enjoy creating interface and awesome UI elements. This is a part of wy work and you can see more on my Dribbble account.

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Who I am

I’m always watching for technologies, searching for new trends and opportunities that could help improve the way design brings a service to its users. And, if possible, to contribute to make the world a better place.

I like to think that my passion to embrace innovation with no restraint, combined to my rich professional experience, gives a strong added value to my work approach.

I like things simple, powerful and beautiful. I move fast, making choices hand in hand with my clients and team, never forgetting users on the way. Always keeping my goal in mind: contributing to create the best possible product, helping projects to reach their maximum potential.

I’m a nomad worker and I like the idea to work around the world.

Jeremie Berduck

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