Jeremie Berduck

senior Product Designer

iOS/Swift Developer

but also

  • Entrepreneur
  • Hacktivist
  • Podcaster
  • Streamer
  • Bike fanatic
  • Fixie rider
  • Father
  • Husband
  • Dreamer
  • Lifelong student


  • Bald

My Toolkit

Bonjour, I am a Senior Product Designer. I design mobile apps from start to finish, for iOS and Android platforms. Not only am I competent in all aspects of the design process, but also strong at communicating design intent verbally and visually. What makes me unique is a special blend of creative, technologist, iOS developer, and UI/UXer.

I am using the Design Thinking principals as the roots to start any project for more than 10 years now, giving your product the best to be successful. This different steps is an insurance it will answer your costumers need.

Whatever framework we're using, they all have one key principle: your users come first and this is what matters.

My Apps

I'm also an indie developer, this is what I'm building...

My Design

A great user experience is also a visual delight...

🎥 on YouTube

In these videos, I share my learnings and my thoughts on design and software programming. Subscribe and like them for YouTube's algorithms... 😁

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🎙 Podcasts

These shows are celebrating people, the weirdos, the brilliants, the visionaries all of these extraordinary souls who are refusing any status-quo.
They are changing the world or their world and as bonus, their experience.

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☺️ My Thoughts

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