I called it blog, but I don't know yet what it is... Design, iOS development, methodologies, personal point of view, you'll probably find all of these here.

Eliz Kılıç on how a Developer becomes Head of product

🎙 am•bi•dex•trous podcast

Jeremie talks with Unscrambl's Head of Product, Eliz Kılıç about why she came from developer to Head Of Product, how she's started as Indie iOS developer and what's the future of Dilims, her app.

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Maegan Wilson, from the lightning industry to streaming on Twitch

🎙 am•bi•dex•trous podcast

Maegan Wilson joined me for a discussion about their multiple activities and next projects. I discovered Maegan on Twitch and I'm really happy to hava had the chance to talk with them. The discussion continues on Discord.

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