Jérémie Berduck

Product Designer in Amsterdam

Looking to contribute to the success of a new project.

My Work

All these examples have been made with my company. You can see more on the One More Thing Studio website.

Who I am

I’m a product designer. I design mobile apps for awesome products and services.

I’m always watching for technologies, searching for new trends and opportunities that could help improve the way design brings a service to its users. And, if possible, to contribute to make the world a better place.

I like to think that my passion to embrace innovation with no restraint, combined to my rich professional experience, gives a strong added value to my work approach.

I like to keep things simple, powerful and beautiful. I move fast, making choices hand in hand with my clients and team, never forgetting users on the way. Always keeping my goal in mind: contributing to create the best possible product, helping projects to reach their maximum potential.

After 8 years as an entrepreneur, the last 3 dedicated to mobile app design, I am today looking to join an organisation to work on ambitious projects.

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Skills & Abilities

I've learned many things throughout my professional life. I could represent my skills using bar graphs, but I don't like to use them for that.

Every tool we need to do our job, I use or have used them. From Photoshop to Sketch, from Invision to Framer, tools are not really the problem and I prefer to focus on making goods user stories and having a beautiful and useful result. I can talk with clients about their needs, their project, take the time to understand them, their users and market to drive them to the best direction.

Beyond the creative part, if needed, I can do some HTML/CSS coding and a little bit of Javascript, like this website, do some branding research or start a web server from nothing, manage DNS records and, of course, empty my Mac NVRAM.

Wordpress has no secret for me and this website uses a flat CMS called Grav.

So, maybe you have other requests or questions? Do you need a resume? Feel free to contact me!


All my days start early in the morning, between 5AM to 7AM, with some workout, some meditation, some books, even video games. I love to track my workout and others activity to improve myself. This numbers are just an average. Sometime it's many more, sometime less...